If you think you need innovative outdoor lighting ideas for the front of your house, you are in the right place. Our ideas and suggestions will help you brighten up your home and garden.

If you are a homeowner of an attractive and modern house, you will not spare your efforts or money put into landscaping the front yard. But does it look dull once the night falls? You want to make your house appeal not only during the day but also at night. That’s why you need to update your house with some trendy modern outdoor lighting ideas for the front of the house.

Before starting with the ideas, here's some of our advice. If you're indeed considering exterior front door lighting, you should buy quality products and opt for professional lighting installers. They will offer you great designs and outstanding results, avoiding mishaps. Moreover, high-quality lights may help you end up saving electricity and money in the long run. 

Coming back to modern outdoor lighting ideas for the front of the house, here are some!

Brighten your front walkway/driveway

If you have a walkway or driveway from the street to your front door, it's a creative idea to illuminate it with small outdoor lights near the ground. In 2022, this front of house landscape lighting idea got much attention from many homeowners. We recommend you select solar-powered outdoor lights to highlight this pathway as they require no wiring and cause the least hassle. 

Also, there are lots of options on how to brighten your pathway/driveway in front of the house. Getting lights with a stylish, dramatic, or simple look, it's all up to you. Take a look at the "Outdoor Lighting" section at Wayfair.com to opt for modern landscape lighting at unbeatable prices. You can even save more money off when taking and redeeming active Wayfair 10% OFF first order, Wayfair 10% OFF Reddit, and more. Hunt for the most valuable codes and make your house more sparkling. 

Outdoor step lights

Among the most popular outdoor landscape lighting ideas for the front of house, we really love this one as it offers a practical and stylish look. Instead of installing lighting posts, you will prefer placing lights under or on the side of the steps as they can perfectly illuminate the pathway while adding a decorative touch to the front of your house. However, installing step lights is not straightforward. Please find experienced and professional installers and they will support you in choosing the suitable lights and offer the best possible result.

Lighten up with smart and motion-sensing lights

As the name implies, motion-sensing lights will automatically light up when they sense motion. Many homeowners like these smart and modern outdoor lighting ideas for front of house because of their security. These lights will turn on when they sense any movement, especially to help you avoid danger when there is an intruder. Not to mention, these lights can save you energy and electricity bills every month because they don't work all night. 

Not only suitable for installation in front of your house, motion-sensor lights can be also used anywhere. Settling these exterior lights for the front or around of the house properly and making your life easier and bearable.

Patio string lights

This idea is suitable for those who have a large house and garden. Let's accentuate your home and patio area in the evening by using parallel string lights. Head to Wayfair if you have no idea about the best place to buy outdoor string lights. They do provide you with many options to cover your patio area, such as bulb standard string lights, bulb globe string lights, commercial vintage patio LED string lights, and so on. 

Take advantage of the patio space to enjoy the sun during the day and gather with family members or friends to enjoy dinner or barbecues. Just light the patio properly, and you will have the cozy and luxurious space you want. Don't forget to add this to your outdoor lighting ideas in front of the house, and enjoy your wonderful life every day.

Exterior front door lighting ideas planters with LED

Looking for exterior front door lighting ideas, why don't you try this one? It's a creative and unique idea if you make your planters become the wow-lightened point at night. 

These outdoor LED planters may be the accents in front of your house. Interestingly, these LED lights come in multiple colors, and you can get the best ones you wish or select all colors to make your planters look eye-catching. Place LED planters along your walkway or simply put them around your front door to welcome guests every day. 

Rich of string lights in front of house

Rich string lights will end our list of modern outdoor lighting ideas for the front of house. Just combine many string lights with different fixtures to make an impressive look in front of your house. You can hang them on trees or along your porch so they can light up the space in front of your house at night. 

This idea also makes you feel like your home is always in a festive atmosphere, like Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, and so on. Consider installing wall sconces or a light post in front of the house if you want to illuminate your outdoor area. 

That’s all our 6 impressive and modern outdoor lighting ideas for the front of house. Choose the idea you like best, start working right away and create a wow factor in your space. Good luck and hope you find more interesting things on CouponPlay

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